Revamp Your Office For Less This Black Friday

Revamping, improving, and organising your office is an important part of creating a productive workspace that can deliver results and success, and magnets can play a key role in creating this workspace.

Our range of office magnets can help you improve your working environment in several ways, and with up to 20%* off there really is no better time to improve your workspace.

MagniPlan Magnetic Glass Wipe Boards – 20% Off

Our range of coloured magnetic glass wipe boards offers style, vibrancy, and convenience and are ideal to help you keep your office space organised.

The sleek, scratch-proof surface can be used to display notices, reminders, and pictures as well as able to be written on using our whiteboard pens, allowing you to organise your work before easily wiping it away after completion.

Additionally, the frameless design and hidden fixing points provide a clean aesthetic to bring style and organisation into your office, and with colour being proven to stimulate the mind these wipe boards are essential for an organised workplace.


Glass Accessory Holders for Glass Wipe Boards – 20% Off

Available in 4 vibrant colours, our range of premium glass accessory holders is the perfect addition to our glass wipe boards. The elegant design provides style and functionality, whilst the tempered glass structure provides a safe and secure fixing.

Glass Accessory Holder

Jumbo Skittle Magnets – 5% Off

Light up your office with our jumbo skittle magnets available in a range of striking colours! The super-strong neodymium magnet in each skittle magnet makes them an ideal accessory for any office and the perfect partner to pair with our MagniPlan Magnetic Glass Wipe Boards.

The largest and strongest skittle magnet you will find in our range, ideal for displaying heavier documents, they won’t let you down!

Jumbo Skittle Magnet

Planning Magnets – 5% Off

Add a splash of colour to your whiteboard, fridge, or filing cabinet with our range of small, medium, and large planning magnets are a colourful addition and an essential part of organising any office or workspace.

Planning board magnets can be used all over the office from the break room fridge to the side of a filing cabinet, the different strengths available in our range also allow you to pin up a range of documents.

*Please note all product discounts will run from 01/11/2022 until 28/11/2022.

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