Improve Your DIY With Five Black Friday Deals

Completing a DIY project is a great feeling but what if you start your next DIY project with a discount, the feeling of doing it yourself can only improve and we have the perfect deals for any DIY enthusiast this Black Friday.

Whether it be gadgets to help on all DIY projects or essential equipment for any DIY project here at FIRST4MAGNETS we are offering up to 30% off on selected products from our range of DIY products this Black Friday.*

Magnetic Touch Screen Gloves – 5% Off

Our Magnogrip Pro Utility Touch Screen Magnetic Glove has a powerful magnet in the back which is ideal for storing nails, screws, nuts and bolts, and more.

The maximum feel fingertip allows the user to pick up small items without having to remove the glove and also use touchscreen devices while wearing the glove. An elastic cuff provides a snug fit with easy on/off flexibility alongside the reinforced palm which provides a non-slip grip surface.

Magnetic Glove

Magnetic Wristbands – 5% Off

If you’ve ever felt like you could use an extra pair of hands, then our Magnet Expert Magnetic Wristband is exactly what you’re looking for!

The perfect magnetic accessory for a DIY enthusiast this size-fits-all Magnetic Wristband will attract nails, screws, and small handheld tools and conveniently hold them while you work.

The lightweight design allows the wristband to be worn throughout your working day. Our magnetic wristband is the perfect gift idea for any DIY enthusiast or tradesman!

Magnetic Wristband
Magnetic Wristband
Magnetic Wristband

Screws & Nails – 30% Off

Screws, Nails, and Wall Plugs are an essential part of many DIY projects, and this Black Friday you can save up to 30% on our screw and wall anchor kit, screw and wall plug kit, woodscrews, self-tapping screws, brass-plated semi-round head nails, and zinc-plated flat head nails.

Our woodscrews are made of coarse threads to provide a good grip when penetrating the wood and are popular with the traditional carpentry professional and ideal for a range of DIY applications including fastening together and securing wood.

Our self-tapping screws drill their way into the material, create their own holes, and remove the need for pre-drilling.

Picture Hanging Kits – 30% Off

One of the most simple and common DIY tasks can be hanging a new picture, mirror, photo, or print in your house adding an individual touch to any room can be the final step in making your house a home.

Using a sawtooth hanger kit is one of the easiest methods of hanging a picture, framed poster, or prints and leaves the least amount of damage to walls, as nail holes are small and easy to refill.

Picture Hanging Kit
Picture Hanging Kit
Picture Hanging Kit

Suction Cup Lifters – 5% Off

Suction cups are a fantastic tool for DIY helping you lift, suspend, and move large flat objects. Suction cups are appropriate for fastening to any flat, impenetrable surface and will hold when pressure is applied correctly.

If you ever find yourself needing to carry heavy glass, tile, fiberglass, or metal sheets but are struggling to get a secure grip, then a suction cup is the solution to your problem.

Lifting suction cups come in two popular designs: single cups and double-handle cups.

Suction Cups

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