Fun Magnet Facts For Kids

Fun Magnet Facts for kids

Learning about magnets is great fun. Magnets are used every day all over the world. Did you know most fridge magnets use ferrite magnets to keep them attached to the fridge? Use our fun magnet facts to start learning how magnets work.

Magnets have invisible magnetic fields which attract and stick onto steel items.

One end of a 'bar' magnet is a north pole and the opposite end is a South Pole

If you attach a bar magnet to a piece of wood and float it in a bowl of water, it will slowly turn and the magnet's North Pole will point towards the Earth's North Pole.


A compass has a tiny bar magnet in it and it works in the same way, so that explorers can find their way


If you put a bar magnet under a sheet of paper and sprinkle iron powder lightly over the top, you will suddenly see the invisible magnetic field as the particles stick to it.


The North Pole of one magnet will repel and push away the North Pole of another magnet.


The South Pole of one magnet will repel and push away the SouthPole of another magnet.


The North Pole of one magnet will attract and stick to the South Pole of another magnet.


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