7 Amazing Magnet Hacks

Magnets are used to bring hundreds of ideas to life, resulting in new lifehacks constantly being created, so if you’re looking to save time day today at work, make cleaning your workspace easier or even if you’re looking to improve your grilling skills then we have a magnetic hack for you!


6 Myths About Magnets

When it comes to magnets, there is a lot of facts and figures out there, but it can be hard to separate these facts from fiction. We hear our fair share of questions about magnets such as their make, properties, capabilities and effects.


How To Find The Right Magnets For You

There are several types of magnets on the market today and each type of different magnet have different strengths making them better suited for various applications. If you are new to the world of magnets, then finding the right magnet for your application can be a problem.


9 Trendy Ways To use Magnets

Trends come and go but magnets have been around forever… well since 600 BCE which the history of magnetism dates back to after the discovery of Lodestone, but with new trends, we see always see new and exciting ways that our customers are using our magnets.