5 Ways Magnets Can Help You Hang Your Christmas Decorations

Christmas is fast approaching and it’s the time of year when we risk life and limb to retrieve the old Christmas decorations from the back of the shed or that store cupboard that nobody ever seems to go in from January to November.

While we can’t help you untangle the entwined mass of tinsel or figure out why the perfectly functioning lights of last year won’t now work, we can help make putting up your decorations much easier.

With some strategically placed magnets putting up (and taking down) your decorations are as easy as falling off a yule log. Here are five ways magnets can help you hang your decorations this Christmas.

Magical Mantel Displays

A brand new edition for this year, self-adhesive steel discs as white as driven snow can be added discreetly underneath a mantelpiece to create a surface that small hook magnets can attract to. You can then hang stockings, wreaths, garlands, and lights in areas where you would ordinarily have had to use unsightly pins and tack.

The adhesive on the magnets is permanent, so it is important to put the discs in discreet areas, where they will not be seen once the decorations have been taken down.

Deck The Office

Putting up Christmas decorations in the office could not be easier when using magnets. Most offices will have dropped, tiled ceilings with steel support just asking for magnets to be stuck to them.

Simply attach discreet white plastic hook magnets in the areas you want to hang decorations, then, when you come to take the decorations down simply leave the magnets in position until next year. These magnets are the exact same ones used in shops and supermarkets year-round for hanging promotional signs, so they won’t let you down.

Rustic Wreaths

Rustic charm is very much in trend this Christmas and it is really easy to hang a natural wreath using hook magnets. If you have a steel door, then you can attach a hook magnet straight to it. You can also use magnets if you have a door with a single-pane window.

To do this, use an anti-slip hook magnet on one side of the glass with another 24mm diameter x 4mm thick magnet on the other side. The two magnets will attract through the thickness of the glass with sufficient strength to hold the wreath in place.

Alternatively, if you are hanging wreaths indoors you could use a self-adhesive steel disc stuck to a hard flat surface, which you can then attach a hook magnet to. The adhesive on the steel disc is permanent so only use self-adhesive steel discs in an area where you are happy to leave the disc afterward.

Let There Be Light

Many commercial buildings have metal flashing on the outside to which stainless steel cable tie magnets can be attached. Simply attach the magnets to your LED lights using the supplied cable ties at regular intervals and attach these to a steel surface.

If you do not already have a steel surface to attract the magnets to, you could screw countersunk steel discs in discreet places for your cable tie magnets to attract to. It will make taking down your lights a simple task and make them even easier to put up next year.

Display Your Cards Right

Do you always struggle for space to put up your Christmas cards at home?

This year consider using our instant noticeboard pack to display your cards which includes 3 meters of ferrous tape and 32 strong magnets.

The adhesive on the ferrous tape included is really strong so it will last long after Christmas and can be used to display your notices are other artwork for the rest of the year. If you are intending to take it down after Christmas it would be sensible to put it in a discreet place.

Alternatively,  you could even use magnetic FerroPaint on one of your walls, which can be used to display cards at Christmas more than other pictures throughout the rest of the year.

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