Callum Williamson

magnets 18/01/2021

Earth’s Magnetic Field And The Animal Kingdom

When navigating a new town, state or country the first thing we pull out is our cell phones. Unfortunately, animals do not have the luxury of GPS. Not only do our cell phones tell us where to go, it tells us where the nearest Starbucks is, the nearest mall and much more. However, in animals, a variety of species possess magnetic senses that are attracted to the Earth’s magnetic fields. Birds, fish, turtles and foxes all use the Earth’s magnetic field for specific uses such as navigation and hunting. Migrating... Read More

Lighting 08/01/2021

Happy National Static Electricity Day!

It has been experienced by most of us, whether you were rubbing a party balloon on your head and sticking it to the wall or shuffling your feet across the floor to give your friends or family an electric shock. Static electricity has occasionally added a little spark to everyone’s day. Every year national static electricity day is celebrated on the 9th January. The day is dedicated to the observance of static electricity and explores how we may cause it. Static electricity is vastly different from the electrical current that... Read More