Magnet Information

Magnets in movies 08/03/2021

Magnets Starring Roles

Magnets are everywhere. We have discussed this a lot in the past about how magnets are used within our televisions and within the cameras used to film our much-loved movies.

Magnetic Levitation

When we talk about magnetic levitation what we are referring to is an object suspended by magnetic pressure which counteracts the effects of gravity. It generates images of large futuristic objects hovering and travelling at high speeds.

magnets in space 08/05/2020

Magnets In Space

With all the excitement this got us thinking. Do magnets still work in space? Are they used in space missions, and if so how? So, we did some investigating and here are our findings…

magnets in tv 27/02/2020

Magnets In TV Programmes

Leading on from Magnets in movies, they are also referenced amongst our favourite TV programmes. We will try and avoid any spoilers; in case you haven’t watched the programmes we discuss.