How To Separate Strong Magnets

It can be extremely difficult to separate magnets, especially in a situation where two strong magnets are stuck together, or one strong magnet is stuck to a ferrous surface or an item. There are three key steps to remember when separating a strong magnet from a surface or another magnet.

The first step in separating strong magnets is to take precautions and protect yourself and anyone around you as strong magnets can be dangerous when not handled correctly. Suitable protection may include safety glasses and ensuring your fingers and hands do not get trapped or pinched between the magnets.

Secondly, magnets are easier to separate if a non-magnetic spacer can be placed between either two magnets or a magnet and a surface it’s attracted to. For example, wood, plastic, or even cardboard can all be great spacers.

Third and finally it’s crucial to remember that it is much easier to push magnets parts rather than pull. Always work sideways and try to slide magnets apart as it makes the process five times easier

How Do I Stay Safe Separating Magnets?

Safety is always the priority when it comes to working with magnets, some magnets, such as neodymium magnets, are known for being brittle and prone to breakage under extreme circumstances.

This is why we recommend wearing protective safety glasses when working and trying to separate strong magnets. We also strongly recommend never placing your hands or fingers between two magnets or a magnet and the surface it is attracted to

Here at FIRST4MAGNETS, we also strongly recommend that you do not work with high magnetic forces if you have a pacemaker.

How Do I Get Strong Magnets Unstuck?

When trying to separate strong magnets from other magnets or ferrous surfaces it’s crucial to never just use your own hands to separate the magnets, we recommend using non-magnetic materials to push two magnets or a magnet and surface apart.

Additionally, we strongly recommend that you never try to machine your neodymium magnets as the heat generated can lead to demagnetization.

Push Don’t Pull Magnets Apart

The most crucial step when separating strong magnets is working them sideways by pushing and not pulling these magnets apart. It’s difficult to try and pull a powerful magnet away from a surface it is attracted to, but by sliding the magnet across the surface, it will be easier to remove.

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