magnets in space 08/05/2020

Magnets In Space

With all the excitement this got us thinking. Do magnets still work in space? Are they used in space missions, and if so how? So, we did some investigating and here are our findings…

magnets in tv 27/02/2020

Magnets In TV Programmes

Leading on from Magnets in movies, they are also referenced amongst our favourite TV programmes. We will try and avoid any spoilers; in case you haven’t watched the programmes we discuss.

Magnet Videos 05/08/2019

4 Magnet Videos Which Will Blow Your Mind

1. Super-strong magnets crushing a man’s hand Strong neodymium magnets can be really dangerous if not handled carefully. This video shows what can happen if you don’t believe me. Beware, it’s not suitable for young eyes or the squeamish! 2. Magnets: How do they work? A great effort from the guys at MinutePhysics explaining how magnets work and quantum mechanics in just over six minutes! 3. How magnets produce electricity This video, produced in 1954 is a real blast from the past and is an actual US Navy Training video,... Read More

magnetic chuck 19/06/2019

Good To Knows On Magnetic Chucks

Top Tip You can magnetically clamp a fine pole pitch on top of the standard pole, so you can machine thinner steal and without having to remove the standard chuck. Common Applications Magnetic Chucks are an alternative to the traditional workholding machinery, as they use magnetic force from permanent magnets to clamp and secure workpieces in place. Our magnetic chucks have been engineered to give the customer an effective and instant holding force, that will consistently and safely clamp the material they are working on. Magnetic chucks give users higher... Read More