DIY Magnetic levitation stand

Magnetic levitation also known as magnetic suspension, is a method by which an object is suspended with no support other than magnetic fields. For magnetic levitation to happen you would require two large, strong magnets set to repel and one will levitate above the other. However, it is not as easy as it may sound because magnets always want to attract to each other. This causes the repelling magnets to move and flip so they can join back together. So, before you try magnetic levitation please be aware that the application is very fiddly and requires a lot of patience and caution, as you do not want to trap your fingers in between magnets. However, once you have cracked the application the results are pretty cool!

Eric, one of our magnet experts, recently took to the challenge and created a magnetic levitation stand for his Yoda figurine. Eric wanted to share this demonstration because he knows a lot of our customers are model making enthusiasts and thought it would be a cool and unique way to display their models and figurines.

For this application Eric used 2 x ferrite ring magnets, a steel tray and copper wire or string can be used as an alternative. For the base he simply put one of the magnets onto the steel tray, this meant the magnet was held in place magnetically. You don’t have to use steel tray as the base, as the base can be made from anything, you will just need to super glue the magnet in place instead. Next you will be making your copper wire fixings. For this you will need to ensure you can tie or attach the wire to your base. Fortunately, the steel tray Eric used had holes in it, which allowed him to thread and tie the copper wire into place. Eric created 4 copper wire fixings around the base to help hold the second magnet in place.

“Patience you must have, my young padawan.” – Yoda

Next requires a lot of patience, as you need to secure the second magnet into place. Tip: we recommend you mark the repelling side of the magnet, so you know which way you need to secure the magnet down. As mentioned before when the magnets are repelling each other the curve in the magnetic field will rotate/flip the magnet to the side so they attract, the copper wire will stop this movement so it is only pushing up and cant flip or move to one side. The copper wire fixings need to all have the same tension this takes a lot of trial and error to get right, whilst having enough repelling force to take the weight your figurine/model.  If the application is proving to difficult, we recommend putting the magnets onto a nonferrous rod whilst you secure the fixings and adjusting of the wire tension. The rod can then be removed once completed.

Here is the finished result:

How cool is that? Now picture what it would look like if you did this to some of your model collection, what a cool display that would be! Good luck making you magnetic levitation stands, if you’re successful we would love to see a quick picture of the magnets in action! Please feel free to send any images you may have to But until then, May the Force be with you!

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