Tips for keeping your current and returning employees safe at work

As we are all aware Covid-19 has changed our everyday lives, especially our working life. Some of you have still been required to go into work, and with the recent changes more and more of us will be going back to work shortly. With this in mind, we have put together some safety tips to help get your business prepared. Whether this is for the safety of current staff, returning staff or your customers, it is important to make sure your staff and customers feel safe and prevent the spread of germs.


Apply social distancing to your shop floors, warehouses or offices by marking out areas or by placing signage around your workplace.  Reassure your staff that although it may seem daunting it is just for their safety. For areas like warehouses and shop floors our tip is to use magnetic tape or hazard warning magnetic tapes. These can be cut to any size and provide the perfect solution for identifying temporary and permanent hazards within the workplace. They can be applied to ferrous surfaces, such as steel walls or framing, around your workplace to mark out the 2 metre gap rule. For smaller sites simply tape out workstations and apply a 1 person rule per labelled station, also ensure each work station is 2 metres apart.

We also have some brand-new magnetic signage designed to remind you and your customers about the social distancing rule. The magnetic signage can again be placed anywhere with a ferrous surface. What’s more, these magnetic signs can be easily fixed and re-located with ease to clearly display notices.


One-way systems are a great way to help guide your team and customers around your workplace. This will discourage people to cross paths and help stop the spread of germs. For warehouses and shop floors where steel surfaces are common, try our magnetic tapes to create arrows to guide your customers and employees around.


The most effective way to prevent the spread of germs is to encourage your team to regularly wash their hands and use hand sanitiser. Set up stations hand washing and sanitising station throughout your workplace. Use clear signage and instructions for your staff to follow. We have recently created a new range of magnetic signage that consist of simple hand washing instruction and hand washing prompts. These can be placed to any ferrous surface around your factories, shop floors and within offices.

Tip for warehouses or workplaces with steel walls, peel and stick our adhesive 50 x 10 x 2mm thick N42 Neodymium Magnet to the sides of hand sanitiser. Make sure you leave the adhesive to cure for 24 hours. Then simply stick them around your workshops, to encourage your staff to use.

These workstations should also be implemented on the exits and entrances of your company buildings. This will encourage your customers and visitors to also wash and clean their hands.


Welcome your staff back by sending them an email or letter outlining the procedures you have put into place. Remember to reassure them and offer them the opportunity to call you if they have any concerns about coming back to work. Once they are back, follow this up by arranging check-ins with your staff to check they are happy and feel safe.

If you keep the conversation going with your employees, they will feel reassured you are that you care and are ensuring their safety. There is no easy way around this. These past few months have been a struggle, but if we all stick together, we can get back to some normality sooner rather than later.

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