5 Brilliant Ways to Use Magnets At Work

How brilliant are magnets? Well here at FIRST4MAGNETS® we see hundreds of customer applications and ideas of how they want or need to use a magnet and they are always fascinating!

If you’re currently looking for some inspiration or guidance on how you could use a magnet, look no further.

We’ve put together a list of the 5 of the most brilliant customer applications sent it below, showcasing some of the most practical and brilliant uses of our magnets.

Making Tools Magnetic

Losing or misplacing tools is a nightmare and time consuming for every DIY enthusiast or tradesman, but magnets can be the solution! Tim, from The Restoration Couple, came up with this brilliant idea of securing your favourite tools to magnetic surfaces.

By screwing and gluing our countersunk magnets to the back and side of different tools, Tim was able to organise his workspace and make tools stick easily to any magnetic surface! Check out the full video here.

Using Magnets to Repair a Classic Car

Owning a classic car will usually be accompanied by some sort of restoration and repairs, but have you ever thought about how magnets could be useful when it comes to fixing your car. Well Gavin, a FIRST4MAGNETS® customer, got in touch to show us how our magnets were being used on his classic car!

Using a pack of 10 of our 3 x 3 x 20mm thick N42 Neodymium Magnets Gavin was able to fish out the wheel bearing spacer ring, which is located deep inside the wheel hub. This is usually inaccessible without stripping down the entire hub assembly, but with a pack of magnets costing just £5.15, Gavin has saved time and money!

Magnetic BBQ Hooks

BBQ season really is a glorious time of year, the longer evenings and sunnier weekends mean there’s plenty of time to get grilling, however, why not consider a magnetic upgrade for your favourite utensils.

Have you ever been mid-grill, meat on the cusp of turning from perfect to burnt in a matter of time with more food to cook and hungry guests waiting, the pressure is on? Well, fear not thanks to our rubber coated magnetic hooks every utensil you need is within touching distance, right on the side of your grill.

Magnetic Campervan Blinds

Magnetic blinds for campervans and caravans are extremely popular and can be made in a variety of ways thanks to our vast range of magnets.

One popular method our customers use sees them carefully place magnets into the bindings of their custom-made curtains or blinds. Bindings are folded over pieces of fabric to hide raw edge cuts.

The magnets then magnetically attach to the metalwork of the campervan and secure the blind into place, whilst creating a sealant-like effect around the window to stop the light from seeping through.

Making a Flexible Magnetic Menu

Flexible magnets can be bent and cut to any shape or size making them an ideal option when presented with an awkward space to work with, our customer Jodine and Celeste had recently launched their own small business, Dessert Queen LTD, but were struggling to add a menu to their domed roof.

Until they discovered our MagFlex® Flexible Magnetic Chalkboard Sheets which presented the ideal solution for creating menus, as it can easily be applied and removed to the domed surface due to the flexible material, as well as being completely reusable and easily updateable as menus thanks to the chalkboard finish.

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