What is The Difference Between Magnets Attracting and Repelling?

The difference between magnets attracting and magnets repelling is very small, however, the attraction between magnets is slightly stronger than the repulsion. This is due to the alignment of the molecular magnets within the magnet.

However, both attraction and repulsion of magnets will decrease significantly over an increasing distance.

When two magnets touch each other with the north and south poles facing each other, the attraction will typically be 5-10% stronger than the repulsion of the same magnet of equal poles.

This is because of the alignment of the molecular magnets in a magnet. In a single magnet, the molecular magnets are aligned in a parallel way to each other, the more of these that are aligned the stronger a magnet becomes.

Attraction of magnets

When two opposite magnetic poles, south and north, attract each other, one magnet supports the parallel alignment of the molecular magnets within the other magnet, therefore making both magnets a little stronger.

Repulsion of magnets

Two equal magnetic poles, such as north and north or south and south, will repel each other as the one magnet disturbs the parallel alignment of the molecular magnets in the other magnet, therefore rendering both magnets a little weaker.


However, if you begin to pull these magnets apart, they regain their original order and their original strength. By increasing the distance between two magnets, the molecular magnets will not be affected by the other magnet.

At this point attraction and repulsion, almost become equal.

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