How To Protect Your Magnets From Chipping

Neodymium magnets are hard making them prone to breaking and chipping which is why the last step before the material is re-magnetised during manufacturing is vital. To protect our neodymium magnets from corrosion, chipping, and breaking we coat them with a nickel-coat-nickel mixture.

This coating is applied as a layer of protection but can crack or chip due to collisions or strong pressure and extremely heavy blows can even break magnets. This is because the material neodymium-iron-boron is very magnetic but also very brittle, as it is sintered from metal powders.

This is why handling magnets carefully is very important and why we send a safety manual with every one of our magnets. As well as handling magnets’ safety there are numerous steps you can take to help protect your magnets.

How to protect your magnets

  • Use our coated neodymium magnets if light impacts are unavoidable.
  • Store magnets separately.
  • Make your own protective cover for large magnets.
  • Avoid collisions between magnets.

If you want to learn more be sure to visit our Tech Centre and find the answers to all your questions about magnets.

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