Health and Safety at FIRST4MAGNETS!

Today is World Health and Safety Day so we’re giving you a sneak peek into how the employees at stay safe each and every day!

Many people don’t realise just how dangerous some magnets can be. If left unsupervised or handled incorrectly, powerful magnets can attract and jump together with devastating impact. Sparks fly, fingers can get trapped and broken magnets are all possible consequences so please be warned, magnets are not to be messed with!

For World Health and Safety Day, our dedicated Warehouse Manager, Richard Ellis, has given us his time to provide an interview on the health and safety at FIRST4MAGNETS®! It’s a really interesting  and insightful interview so please, sit back, relax, enjoy and stay safe…

Let the interview begin…

“Good morning Richard, thanks for taking the time to sit with us to discuss World Health and Safety Day! No doubt our magnet enthusiasts will be intrigued of the daily operations in our warehouse! Let’s get started…”

Interviewer: “Richard, what are some of the dangers when dealing with magnets?”

Richard: “There are a number of dangers when dealing with magnets on a daily basis. Firstly, when picking the customer’s magnets this can include separating magnets and this can be a very difficult and dangerous task due to the magnets trying to attract back together. Fingers can get caught in-between them causing blood blisters or worse! Next, when packaging really strong magnets our team have to ensure sufficient padding is given to each magnet. If not, the magnetism can be that strong that the magnets can jump together and who knows what is going to get caught between them! We’ve made sure to install the correct precautions to make sure these dangers are minimalised.”

Interviewer: “What are some of the other hazards, other than magnets in a warehouse?”

Richard: “There are the standard dangers like with any workplace like trips, spills and electrical fires! However, as the manager I ensure all electrical aspects are approved and my team have had sufficient training on spotting issues before they arise! Our team need to be careful when it comes to lifting too. Boxes of magnets can be very heavy and each team member is taught the correct lifting techniques.”

Interviewer: “Are some magnets more dangerous than others? If so, which ones?”

Richard: “Absolutely! Neodymium magnets are the strongest magnets on the market and come in a series of strengths! To handle these magnets, certain members of the team have had specialist training and only when they have completed the training can they handle these magnets!”

Neodymium Magnets by First4Magnets

Interviewer: “How do you ensure a safe working environment for your team at FIRST4MAGNETS®?”

Richard: “Each and every team member goes through extensive magnet training when they first join our family! From learning about the magnets themselves to learning how to pack them appropriately for the customer, each aspect of the role is trained through and explained.”

Interviewer: “What are the standard protocols for staying safe in the workplace?”

Richard: “We have certain rules for our staff to ensure safety at all times. Some include no loose or steel jewellery, always wear a high-vis jacket and always communicate with others clearly around the warehouse. Any confusion amongst the team can lead to accidents and if we all work together efficiently it makes for a more safe environment.”

Interviewer: “How would you advise our customers to stay safe with magnets?”

Richard: “Always read the safety manuals that come with your order. They are there for a reason and although we want our customers to enjoy their magnets, we always want them to be safe and that is why we take the precautions and measures that we do. Children are only permitted to use certain magnets, still under the supervision of an adult. With some magnets, we only advise professionals to handle them in a safe environment.”

Interviewer: “Are there any accidents you can report to us?”

Richard: “A very boring answer here but in a word, no. Fortunately there is nothing major to report. We have had the odd blood blister and bruised finger but through extensive training and regular reviews of health and safety we have managed to avoid any major accidents.”

Interviewer: “If an accident does occur, what is the process after this?”

Richard: “Our team are asked to report any and all incidents or injuries immediately to a medially trained member of staff. As a rule, we will always have at least 1 medically trained professional onsite at any one time. Following a possible accident, a review will be launched to avoid further incidents in the future.”

Interviewer: “Considering you are the Operations Manager, how much of your role is Health and Safety?”

Richard: “A good percentage certainly! Whether it is simply tidying the work place or conducting a review of the system, it is always at the forefront of my mind.”

Interviewer: “For World Health and Safety day, what are your top tips for staying safe in the work place?”

Richard: “I’d give 3 top tips, these would be:

1) Be aware of what is around you

2) Look out for others and always communicate clearly

3) If in any doubt, always ask. Managers would always prefer you to ask the question beforehand, rather than not asking and getting hurt. No one should go to work and get injured.”

Interviewer: “Can we have a quote or any words of wisdom from you regarding Health and Safety in the workplace?”

Richard: “Health and safety should never be secondary thought. Think of your own and the safety of others each and every day.”

Interviewer: “Thanks ever so much Richard (far right), we really appreciate you taking the time to tell us and our followers how our team stays safe and of the possible dangers in the warehouse!”

Richard Ellis - Operations Manager - First4Magnets

Just a reminder guys and girls, he is what can happen if super strong magnets are mishandled…

So there we have it! That is how the team at FIRST4MAGNETS.COM, a division of Magnet Expert, stay safe in the day to day operations! We hope you enjoyed our post and interview with Richard. If you have any questions regarding this please do not hesitate Sam Quinn on or call us on 0845 519 4701.

We’d love to hear what you have planned for World Health and Safety Day! Let us know on our social pages and remember, stay safe!

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