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With the London Marathon this Sunday, everyone’s hard work and training will come into place as they take on tremendous challenge of 26 miles around the capital. It’s time to lace those trainers, plug in the ear phones and keep those legs motoring!

In the days leading up to the race, people will begin to prepare by eating the right foods, preparing their sportswear and getting themselves focused mentally. Here at FIRST4MAGNETS®, we have picked out our sporting accessories that are designed to assist you in your battle with the competition, whether this is a thousand other running enthusiasts or just the track you find in-front of you. Everyone has their own goals and objectives and whether you are tackling a marathon or a smaller, more personal goal, we can all be proud of our accomplishments. Our magnetic sporting technology is designed to help you with your goals! Check it out…

Magnetic Gel Insoles

Our magnetic gel insoles combine shock absorbing gel-filled rubber with a deeply penetrating magnetic field to give your feet that extra comfort on your journey! We offer sizes 2-7.5 and 8-13 from £13.99! A small price for priceless comfort!

Magnetic Rubber Insoles

Pop these magnetic rubber insoles into your trainers and you will be able focus on keeping your legs motoring along without worry about your feet aching too much along the way! These therapeutic shoe inserts use six rare earth neodymium magnets to give off a deeply penetrating magnet field on your feet. Again, these are available in two sizes, 2-7.5 and 8-13 and are less than £20!

Gold Plated 12mm x 2mm Magnets

These small but strong magnets are perfect for attaching your running bib to your sportswear! Don’t worry about it falling off or the pins sticking in your chest, our non-aggravating magnets take away any possible stress with their ease of use and quick application. They are great for post-race aches too!

Magnetic iPhone 6/6S Running Armband

Our armband is ideal for keeping your phone handy when participating in sport! Simply pop your phone in the case and watch it attract to the armband! It’s great if you want to tune in to your music too!

Magnetic Sports Therapy Bracelets

These magnetic sports bracelets are perfect for adding some extra style to your sportswear! Available in 5 colours, you can have one to match each outfit as you emulate your favourite sports stars!

There we have it, with these accessories you will be ready to tackle any stretch of road ahead of you! Whether you are running the London Marathon this weekend or embarking on an individual goal, you will be ready with this magnetic fitness technology!

Visit FIRST4MAGNETS.COM for all your magnetic applications and to speak with our team of experts.

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