Hosting Christmas at your home? You need the Host Christmas Pack!

After spending Christmas in lockdown last year, friends and families all over the country will be looking forward to spending Christmas together. But if you’re the host, there is more planning than excitement to be thinking about!

Our Christmas Host Gift Pack is a necessity for any host this Christmas, making your kitchen magnetic just in time for the most wonderful time of the year.

Each pack includes our Beverage Buddy, Push and Pop Bottle Opener and a Magnetic Knife Rack at a brilliantly discounted price!

Magnetic Knife Rack

Add style and a sleek look to your kitchen and proudly display your finest kitchen knives and utensils this Christmas with our Magnetic Knife racks. The super strong neodymium and ferrite magnets provide a strong stylish hold on your knives.

An essential part of hosting Christmas our magnetic knife rack will save countless minutes as your Christmas dinner! A magnetic knife rack is a perfect gift for the budding chef in your life bringing organisation and style to any kitchen!

How about around the entire home? Take the knife rack out of the kitchen and use it in a variety of ways from holding jewellery to holding tools for DIY or crafting, a magnetic knife rack can be a great gift for anyone this Christmas.

Push & Pop Magnetic Bottle Opener

Everyone enjoys a drink at Christmas, be it a soft drink or something a little stronger, but why not make it quicker and easier to enjoy your favourite cold beverage with our magnetic bottle opener?

The Push & Pop Magnetic bottle opener is a handy gadget to have this Christmas, any guest can use the practical bottle opener to open another bottle, no matter how many they may have already had!

The unique design is a great aid for anyone who may struggle to use traditional bottle openers and it even keeps the caps in mint condition for any crafters or bottle cap collectors you know.

Beverage Buddy

As you begin to start preparing, planning and shopping for Christmas you may notice your fridge and cupboards start to fill up rather quickly, limiting your storage space. But don’t worry as our Beverage Buddy is on hand to help!

The Beverage Buddy provides a simple storage solution for your fridge and cupboards allowing you to use your storage space to its full potential, storing six of your favourite beers, lagers or soft drinks in the most space-saving way.

Easily applied using self-adhesive strips the beverage buddy will store your bottles proudly, freeing up space below for the everyday essentials.

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