The Ultimate Christmas Gift Pack for Kids

The key to buying the best Christmas gift for a young child is finding toys to stimulate their growing minds. To keep them interested, toys must have a sensory or mobility feature to them; the more senses that a toy appeals to, the more learning is going to happen.

This is why we have created the ideal gift for any young child this Christmas, and at a discounted price… The Learn & Play Gift Pack!

Educate and inspire your child’s creativity as they learn and develop using our Professor Gauss™ Magnetic Chalkboard and magnetic foam letters. Watch as your child takes on our challenging and addictive Tangram foam puzzle!

Professor Gauss™ Educational Magnetic Chalkboard Kit

Young children love creating art, but some art supplies aren’t always suitable for young children. This is where Professor Gauss™ and his Magnetic Chalkboards come in!

Every chalkboard includes Magnetic alphabet letters, 5 dust-free soluble chalks, a cleaning cloth, a magnetic shelf for chalks & an applicator to apply the chalkboards – all providing any young child with an interactive space to set their imagination free.

The scratch-resistant surface provides a durable, long-lasting drawing surface for extended learning and better yet can be easily stuck to any clean, flat surface around the home.

Professor Gauss™ Magnetic Chalkboards come in three different shapes, allowing you to choose the shape best suited for your little one. Choose between our Happy Hippo, Big Bear or School Bus chalkboards. Suitable for children aged 3+.

Fun with Magnets Magnetic Foam Letters

These magnetic multi-coloured foam letters and punctuation are ideal to help teach any young child alphabet recognition creating a fun and memorable way to learn letter recognition, spelling and even early sentence formation.

The soft foam letters are on a magnetic backing meaning they can be used on any metal surface be it a fridge, freezer or on one of Professor Gauss’s Magnetic Chalkboard allowing younger child to continue their learning anywhere in the home.

Choose between different letter styles and a range of colours for your letters and punctuation.

Each set of letters also come packed in a reusable storage jar to reduce clutter and are suitable for children aged 3+.

Tangram – Logic Puzzle & Maths Game

The highly addictive and challenging tangram-style foam puzzle is an ideal stocking filler for any young child this Christmas, testing logic and maths while encouraging imagination.

Based on the ancient Chinese tangram puzzle, each puzzle is made from premium foam with a flexible magnetic backing providing a secure grip to any steel surface around the home.

Starting with the separated pieces watch as your child attempts to create as many new shapes as possible as quickly as they can, the question is how many can they create?

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