Transform Your Walls This Black Friday

Our vast range of wall coverings and paint allow you to create interactive and even magnetic spaces in your office, classroom, bedroom, or kitchen.

If you’re looking to make any of your walls interactive, then be sure to check out the amazing offers currently on our MagPlast Magnetic Plaster, FerroPaint®, and Whiteboard Paint with up to 50% off selected products for a limited time*.

MagPlast Magnetic Plaster – 20% Off

MagPlast provides ultimate flexibility to create interactive spaces, allowing you to transform any wall into a smooth and fully interactive magnetic surface, whilst preventing holes for nails or screws.

MagPlast is the highest magnetic receptive-based product available and offers superior performance for holding a wide range of magnets.

MagPlast magnetic plaster contains 95% metal powder and is a high-performance plaster that can attract magnets, combining durability with a secure hold.

The plaster is manufactured as a dry powder, which can be mixed with water and easily applied to a wall. Magnetic plaster is very easy to use and can be applied the same as standard plaster.


FerroPaint®- 5% Off

FerroPaint® is a water-based emulsion with fine iron particles, that when applied to walls, doors, and furniture, creates a ferrous surface that can attract magnets. Transform your home, office, or school with FerroPaint® and remove the need for tacks, pins, and nails.

Before applying FerroPaint® be sure to check that the area is smooth and even to give the best possible finish, we also recommend priming the surface, particularly if you are working on glass, wood, metal, or plastic.

When your surface is ready, mix your FerroPaint® for 3-5 minutes. Using a short nap roller apply 3 coats of FerroPaint® to your chosen surface and leave 4 hours between each coat.

You can even paint over the FerroPaint® with emulsion paint, whiteboard paint, or chalkboard paint, however, you cannot apply wallpaper over FerroPaint® as this will prevent magnets from attracting.


Whiteboard Paint – 10% Off

Imagine turning any surface into a whiteboard, our whiteboard paint allows you to turn any space into a writeable surface! Draw, write messages and simply erase them and start all over again.

Suitable for any smooth surface such as glass, ceramic tiles, wood, and more. The possibilities are endless for any office, classroom, home office, or even bedroom.

Choose from six different colours to suit any interior our whiteboard paint is available in both three and six-square-meter options.

Simply apply 2/3 of the mixture to the selected area, ensuring coverage is even and smooth, leave for two hours and apply the second coat. Once fully applied, we advise leaving the wall for five to seven days to completely dry for writing on.

Whitebaord Paint
Whiteboard Paint

*Please note all products will be discounted from 21/11/2022 until 28/11/2022.

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