The Christmas Gift Guide for the Gadget Enthusiast!

Are you doing Secret Santa at work? Or have new In-laws that you simply don’t know what to buy them?
We have you covered with our series of Christmas gift guide for every type of character!

Here is our Christmas Gift Guide for the Gadget Enthusiast:

Here’s to the fountain of knowledge when it comes to building and craft. The person who is into their gadgets and likes to try
new things. The jack of all trades who at the weekend can be found watching sport on the telly and having a few beers. They tend
to be the last one standing at the Christmas do. Sound familiar? Browse our gift ideas below…

Beverage Buddy –
Bottle Storage

Be their Beverage Buddy, even when you’re not there,
with our magnetic bottle storage holders!

Magnetic Torch with Extendable
Flexible LED Light
Never let them loose their tools and work accessories
again, with our extendable retrieval torches!

Magnet Expert-
Magnetic Wristband

Give them an extra pair hands with our magnetic wristbands.
The perfect gadgets for a worker on the go.

Magnogrip Quick Snap
Pencil Holder with Belt Clip

A handyman always needs a pencil to hand when mark out
their workings, so why not try our magnetic pencil holder.

Help them build their knowledge and expertise with our handy magnetic gadget range. These gadgets are suitable for their working
life and for those nights in on the sofa! There is so much more to explore, so what are you waiting for?! View the full Christmas shop here:

As you can see everyone has their quirks, so why not celebrate that this Christmas! There is a (magnetic) gift for everyone.
From all the team at Magnet Expert, have yourself a very Merry Christmas!

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