The must have Gift Pack for DIYers this Christmas!

Finding the perfect gift to give to someone who would rather make their own can be difficult at times. Our DIY Magnetic Gift Pack is the ideal solution, a must-have gift this Christmas for any tradesmen, DIY enthusiasts or handyman!

Each pack includes three extremely useful tools – all with a magnetic twist!

Including an extendable magnetic torch, a magnetic retrieval pen and one Magnet Expert magnetic wristband, our DIY gift pack will be the perfect part of your loved one’s next DIY project and is available at a discounted price!

Magnetic Torch with Extendable Flexible LED Light

Losing a screw, nut or bolt in a dark small space can be a nervous second or two for tradesmen and DIY enthusiasts alike, and the inconvenience caused by such a small mistake is something no handyman wants.

Fear not! Our Extendable and Flexible Magnetic Torch can calm the nerves and fix the mistake, as you can easily retrieve lost keys, screws, nuts, bolts and more from hard-to-reach areas using the extendable LED light and magnet built into the face of the torch.

The torch is lightweight and easily portable with its durable clip and will extend up to 22″ and hold an impressive 2.26kg from the magnetic face.

Magnet Expert Magnetic Wristband

Any DIY enthusiasts or tradesmen will tell you the importance of an extra pair of hands, so why not gift them one?

Our Magnet Expert Magnetic Wristbands gives you an extra pair of hands by magnetically attracting nails, screws and handheld tools holding them securely and safely in a convenient place. The Magnet Expert Magnetic Wristband is one size fits all and keeps tools on your wrist while you work.

The lightweight design allows the wristband to be worn throughout your working day making it the perfect gift idea for any DIY enthusiast or tradesman!

Extendable/Bendable Telescopic Magnetic Retrieval Pen Pick-up Tool

Dropping a screw, nut or bolt in a small gap can be a disaster and it sadly happens too often for anyone’s liking!

Well with our Extendable/Bendable Telescopic Magnetic Retrieval Pen there will be no need to try squeezing your hand into a small hard-to-reach place, extendable up to 925mm with great flexibility this telescopic magnetic retrieval pen will hold up to 4.5kg.

The extendable and bendable feature means whether it’s nuts, bolts and screws or keys, they are easily retrievable. They are also great for people suffering from back pain as they can easily retrieve metal items from the floor without having to bend down.

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