Top 3 Child-Friendly Magnets

Magnets have been popular in science classrooms for many years as a great way to learn about magnetic fields and poles, however, modern magnets can help children develop in a number of areas.

Looking to teach your young child the alphabet, create an interactive space for them, or even challenge their mind with an ancient puzzle?

Then take a look at our child-friendly magnets range.

Professor Gauss Educational Chalkboards

Professor Gauss’s creative chalkboards come in three designs: Big Bear, Happy Hippo or School Bus. Choose your design and create an interactive space that presents children with exciting and endless fun!

The scratch-resistant and re-writable surface will keep children entertained for hours with no damage to the sheet.

What’s more, the flexible ferrous material will attract magnets and comes with a strong adhesive backing that can be easily applied to any clean, flat surface.
Suitable for ages 3+.


Magnetic Foam Letters & Numbers

Magnetic foam letters and numbers are ideal tools for teaching younger children the alphabet or building number recognition!

These lightweight foam letters and numbers on a magnetic backing help make your fridge an interactive space for your child to learn and develop their spelling and maths.

Packaged in a reusable carry box, these magnetic fridge magnets can be stored easily to reduce clutter and are suitable for children aged 3 and above.

Tangram Puzzle Game

Does your child like a challenge? Then why not test them with this highly addictive tangram-style puzzle!

The game, based on the ancient Chinese puzzle, provides a stern test of maths and logic and makes a great gift for any child.

Every puzzle is made from premium foam and with a flexible magnetic backing that can provide a secure grip on any steel surface.

So how many shapes can you create?

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