Home schooling with magnets!

We sympathise with all of you who are having to home school during this lockdown! We completely understand certain topics may not be interesting to everyone, but we are a firm believer that magnets are a great teaching aid to allow your children to be interactive. It’s time for you to take charge and dismiss those blank little faces looking back at you. Here are our top magnetic tips and activities to help bring some fun back to home schooling!

Make their workspace interactive!

Our FerroPaint® magnetic paint allows you to turn any smooth surface into a surface which magnets will attract to. What’s more, a coat of your desired colour paint can be applied over the top! Accompany this with our magnetic letters and numbers, providing a great tool for teaching them how to spell, work on their punctuation or even you a fun way to teach maths!

Practice their handwriting

Writing in a booklet or on paper can get a little boring, especially when they can write on the walls! Try our blackboard paint – we know it is something children get told off a lot for, but creating a place where they are able to adds to the excitement. Not only is it fun, but it is a great way to encourage their drawing and to practise their handwriting! Additionally, you can add a layer on top of the magnetic paint to create a magnetic writing surface, providing you with endless amounts of ways to teach your children.

Don’t tell them it’s a lesson

Avoid the arguments and have activities set up for them, in other words trick them into learning. Learning doesn’t need to be boring, and by having some activities set up their curiosity will get the better of them.   

Activity 1

Fill up various plastic containers with beads, rice seeds or pasta. Then sprinkle in some paper clips, toy cars, washers or any safe ferrous material that will attract to a magnet. We recommend using our Massive Red Horseshoe Magnet. Then let them go hunting in the different containers with the magnet and see what they can attract!  

Activity 2

Here is something to get their imagination flowing, with our highly addictive tangram-style puzzle! Challenge then to create as many things as possible. Pair these with our magnetic foam letters and let them practice their spelling of their creations!

For more experiments, quizzes and more visit our Science and Education with Professor Gauss™!

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