Six Amazing Ways To Use Magnets in Museums

Museums are a treasure trove of knowledge, showcasing some of the most incredible artifacts and specimens from our past and present. One lesser-known but equally important aspect of museums is their use of magnets.

Magnets are used in museums to enhance the visitor experience, from exhibition design to preservation and conservation. Whether you’re a museum professional or simply a curious visitor, you’ll learn how magnets play a vital role in the world of museums.

Modern Artwork Display Magnets
Modern Artwork Display Magnets

Here are some ways in which magnets can be used in a museum setting:

Display Cases

Magnets can be used to hold and display objects in glass cases, as they allow for easy repositioning and do not damage the objects. For example, a museum might use magnets to hold small artifacts or works of art in place within a display case.


Magnets can be used to hold light fixtures or other equipment in places, such as spotlights or display lighting. This can be particularly useful in museums where space is limited or where it is not possible to drill into walls or ceilings to mount lighting fixtures.

Magnetic Signage

Magnetic signage can be implemented throughout a museum whether that be using adhesive-backed disc magnets to turn signs into magnetic signs or getting custom-printed magnetic signage. Magnetic signs can be used to direct visitors, as artwork labels, and more but better yet magnetic signage is durable and cost-effective and can be easily repositioned or removed with no expense or effort.

Interactive Exhibits

Magnets can be used in interactive exhibits to create movement or demonstrate the principles of magnetism. For example, a museum might have a display where visitors can move a magnet over a metal surface to lift small objects or create patterns. This can be a fun and educational way for visitors to learn about magnets and their properties.


Magnets can be used in security systems to trigger alarms or lock doors. For example, a museum might have a security system that uses magnets to detect when a valuable object is removed from a display case. This can help to protect valuable artifacts and works of art from theft or damage.

Audio and Visual Displays

Magnets can be used in audio and visual displays, such as in a planetarium or in a theater, to hold speakers or other equipment in place. This can help to create a more immersive and engaging experience for visitors.

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