The Top 5 Magnets You Need For Crafting

Magnets are an essential tool in any crafter’s arsenal. Whether you’re working on a sewing project or designing a unique piece of jewelry, the right magnet can make all the difference.

From versatile Flexible Magnetic Tape to convenient Self-Adhesive Magnets, each of these five magnets serves a unique purpose in your crafting toolkit. Discover the benefits of using these magnets and how they can help you take your crafting projects to the next level.

Stitch In PVC-coated ‘Quick Change’ Textile Magnets

Our textile sew-in magnets are perfect for any crafty project and can easily be sewn into any fabric to create a quick-change clasp. The strong magnets are encased in a thin plastic film ideal for stitching them in place.

One common use of our sew-in magnets is to help protect your valuables by adding them to a trendy tote bag!

Stitch In PVC-coated ‘Quick Change’ Textile Magnets
Self-Adhesive Disc Magnets

Self-Adhesive Disc Magnets

Ideal for closure applications and extremely popular in the crafting world these self-adhesive neodymium disc magnets can attract when positioned with layers of material in between them.

These high-performance neodymium magnets are available with either pole on the non-adhesive face. Due to the incredible size-to-strength ratio of neodymium, we recommend allowing between 24 to 32 hours for the adhesive to cure.

For any project that requires magnet-to-magnet attraction, use a South polarity with a North polarity magnet to avoid repelling.

Self-Adhesive Magnetic Dots & Squares

Self-adhesive magnetic dots and squares are great for creating displays, schoolwork projects, or for displaying items on your fridge.

Simply peel them off the backing sheet and stick them to the reverse of an item you want to stick to a metal surface allowing the crafter in your life to display their finest creations around their home or office.

To ensure the adhesive can withstand the pull strength we recommend allowing between 24 to 32 hours for the adhesive to fully cure.

Self-Adhesive Magnetic Dots & Squares
Self-Adhesive Flexible Magnetic Tape

Self-Adhesive Flexible Magnetic Tape

Magnetic tape effortlessly sticks onto a variety of surfaces and can be used in a number of creations, even ones that will require tape-to-tape attractions, the possibilities are endless!

This easy-to-cut tape is designed to provide a strong grip on magnetic metal-based surfaces; different magnetic tapes are available with self-adhesive backing, dry wipe finish, colored faces, and different lengths and widths.

Magnetic Jewelry Clasps

Magnetic jewelry clasps are an excellent option for repairing or restoring necklaces and bracelets, as well as providing a safe and secure clasping mechanism when making your own jewelry.

Simply thread and knot the jewelry through the central hole with the two counter-bored sides facing each other. Once attached these magnets will provide a safe and secure clasping mechanism.

Our magnetic jewelry clasps are available in gold, silver, and nickel.

Magnetic Jewellery Clasps

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