Good practices of Magnet Fishing

Magnet fishing is the UK’s latest craze with fishers, metal detecting enthusiasts and even celebrities giving it a go. The concept is simple, drop a magnet into a body of water and see what ferrous materials you find. We’ve known people to find bikes, prams, safes, coins and tools! As part of National Recycling week, we felt like it’s important to highlight the good practices of magnet fishing!

Always tidy up after yourselves and recycle any materials you don’t wish to keep. 

It’s important to depose of any unwanted findings properly. If you are unsure where to recycle locally, please follow this link.

Pick a location that is safe and not near fast flowing currents.

Scrub up your knowledge on rivers to ensure you are magnet fishing somewhere safe. Rivers and bodies of water that are fast flowing can cause banks to become unstable and could pose a risk to falling into the water.

Watch out for local wildlife.

Do your research and make sure the lakes and river you plan to go fishing in aren’t protected by any wildlife agencies. If you do happen to bump into some wildlife, move your pitch elsewhere.

Must have

We recommend you have your kit prepared. Your kit should consist of gloves, extra rope, a bag to put your findings in, sun cream, pack up, a spare fishing magnet and hook to help drag your findings out.

Be prepared

Plan ahead on how you will transport your finds and be prepared to find any hidden mysteries. Again, whether your finds are wanted or not, make sure your car, van or trailer can carry your findings.

Ultimately have fun!

Although we want you to be cautious and responsible when your magnet fishing, it is important to enjoy the activity.

For more tips and tricks visit our ultimate guide to magnet fishing here.

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