Staying safe while magnetic fishing, with Magnetic G!

Fishermen and women are no longer just searching for carp and trout; today, we are searching for ferrous treasures that lurk beneath the water’s surface through magnetic fishing!

In recent years, magnetic fishing has grown in popularity with an increasing number of enthusiasts casting off into rivers, lakes and canals to see what they can discover with their magnetic fishing kits! The hobby is ‘attracting’ (pun intended) people of all ages who have discovered everything from safes to historic coins, jewellery and a lot of scrap metal, too.

More recently, we were alerted to George, a young magnet fisher and YouTuber from Newark who goes by the name ‘Magnetic G’. With MAGNET EXPERT® based locally in Tuxford and our parent company, Ellis Mather Group, recently becoming the naming rights partner of Newark Festival, we have a keen interest in the local community and wanted to learn more – especially when magnets were involved!

Magnetic G

Since first launching his YouTube channel (Magnetic G), George has posted over 50 videos of his magnetic fishing expeditions and has achieved over 20,000 views and 800 subscribers. In his videos, George has found tools, scooters, cash boxes, keys, coins and plenty more! However, his most recent find is probably his best yet; George, with the help of his family, friends and fellow magnet fishers, pulled out an adult-sized motorbike from the River Trent! Upon discovering such an item, George contacted the police to place a report. His discovery led to the Police reuniting the bike with the original owner, who is hopeful of having the bike up and running again soon. The story gained local coverage with the Newark Advertiser; great work, George!

Bike pulled from River Trent - Photo credit Newark Advertiser

Although magnet fishing is a fun and potentially rewarding hobby, it poses various dangers and ensuring you are safe is vital. At MAGNET EXPERT®, we hold safety in the highest regard, especially when fishing in what is a potentially dangerous environment. George and his family share our aim of educating people on effective safety measures to take whilst magnet fishing, and we would like to add to our previous post on safety considerations of magnet fishing.

Here are our recommended safety considerations and we encourage you to follow them:

  • If you are under 18 years old, please ensure a parent or responsible guardian is with you; if you are over the age of 18, tell someone where you are going, when you expect to be back and how they can contact you.
  • Always wear a strong pair of gloves to protect your hands from sharp ferrous objects and the magnet.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and conduct a full risk assessment. Banks and pathways can be slippery and uneven, be cautious and assess the area.
  • In case of injury, take a mobile phone and first aid kit with you.
  • Never under any circumstances enter the water, even if your magnet comes loose from your rope.
  • Take care around passers-by and when boats pass by you. You are in a public space and respect must be shared.
  • With any ferrous items you discover, take them home or dispose of them correctly. If left unattended, they pose a danger to people and wildlife.
  • Contact local authorities if you find anything of concern like weapons or in George’s case, a motorbike.
  • Abide by all laws and ensure you have landowner’s permission to fish in the body of water.

At 12 years old, George never goes magnet fishing without his mum or dad present. Denise Newton, George’s Mum, spoke on his safety:

“George’s safety is paramount whilst he is magnet fishing. Magnet fishing poses many potential dangers – some of the dangers were not immediately apparent to us when he first started. The obvious danger with any sport [or] hobby that is around water is the risk of drowning. Being aware of the risks means we are able to take steps to minimise them.”

Magnetic G fishing with protective gloves on

We would like to thank George and his family for their efforts in clearing up Newark’s waters and for promoting safety in magnet fishing.

To show our appreciation, Ellis Mather Group has invited George and his family to attend the Friday night of Ellis Mather presents Newark Festival with 3 free tickets, where we will be enjoying music from Sigma and Becky Hill in the newly re-branded party night! We look forward to welcoming George and his family and thanking them for their fantastic efforts in the community.

Ellis Mather presents Newark Festival

If you are interested in magnetic fishing but have a query, our ultimate guide to magnetic fishing will help. Alternatively, our team are only a call away on 0845 519 4701.

Finally, have you got a local feel-good story? If so, we encourage you to get in touch at To learn more about Ellis Mather presents Newark Festival, please see the websites – and

Thanks for reading! Check out Magnetic G’s videos!

Magnetic G YouTube

Image Credit: Bike image came from Newark Advertiser here.

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