Magnet Fishing with James Haskell & BBC

On a cold winter’s day in Northamptonshire in early January, Magnet Expert joined James Haskell and the BBC on a magnetic fishing trip.

Following James’ magnet fishing excursions last summer, where he found 3 safes, a bike and various other bits with our RM150 fishing kit, the BBC wanted to see magnet fishing up close and personal.

We met with James and the BBC’s Simone Stewart at a location where James had had success in the past. The plan was to film James fishing at 2 locations with the hope of attracting something worthwhile once again. We knew it was unlikely that we’d find another safe in the same locations, but we remained optimistic all the same.

At the first meeting point, James cast off while Simone asked James and ourselves some magnet fishing related questions. It was interesting to hear a professional sportsman like James talking about magnet fishing and how he’d discovered the hobby. Meanwhile, after a few throws of the magnet, we attracted to something ferrous in the water. It was clearly heavy, as even James Haskell who tackles strong men on a daily basis, had to exert some force to retrieve the unknown item. Much to our surprise, the RM150 had retrieved a bike frame and several phones.

At the second location, we were able to fish directly from a bridge with the polyester rope’s 10 metre length coming in handy. The second canal offered promise after initial success at location one.

Before long, James felt a snag on the rope, the magnet had attracted something. As James retracted the rope and the magnet, it wasn’t clear at first what we had found. However, upon closer inspection, we could see that we had found a computer hard drive! This was a conversation starter because why would a computer hard drive be ditched in a canal? Read into that what you will.

Reflecting on an eventful but bitterly cold day, all parties agreed they would be waiting for Spring and Summer before venturing out to fish once again. All in all, the team at Magnet Expert enjoyed their day magnet fishing with James Haskell and the BBC. It has only inspired us more to get out with our recovery and retrieval magnets to continue to discover what lies beneath the murky waters.

Magnet Expert would like to encourage people to pick up a magnetic fishing kit and go outdoors to see what you can find! If you discover anything interesting, we’d love to see a picture at! Additionally, if you have any questions regarding the right magnets for magnet fishing, the dangers of magnet fishing or finding the perfect location, please don’t hesitate to call on our our experts on 0845 519 4701 or visit our Ultimate Guide to Magnet Fishing.

This spring, this could be you having pulled out a part of a chainsaw…

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