Organising your office with Magnets

Organising the workplace can be daunting for some but one thing we can all agree on is that working in an unorganised and outdated environment will prove unproductive. So, we have put together a list of our products which you can use to help organise your office.

Glass Wipe Boards

Our range of coloured magnetic glass wipe boards offer style, vibrancy and convenience and are ideal to help you keep your office space organised.

The sleek, scratch-proof surface can be used to either display notices, reminders and pictures as well as being able to be wrote on using our white board pens, allowing you to organise your work before easily wiping it away after completion.

Additionally, the frameless design and hidden fixing points provide a clean aesthetic to bring style and organisation into your office and with colour being proven to stimulate the mind these wipe boards are essential for an organised workplace.

Office image with Glass Wipe Board on display, colour range.

Magnetic Knife Racks

Our new range of magnetic knife racks come in a wide variety of colours and sizes and can easily be used in several industries outside of the kitchen.

The racks come with sleek finishes and have super strong built-in Neodymium and Ferrite magnets that are great for holding up a range of equipment.

The magnetic racks reap a variety of benefits such as improved hygiene from keeping your tools on the side and creating more space in your draws and cupboards helping you keep your workplace as organised as possible.

Knife rack image displaying how it can be used in the beauty industry.

Beauty Industries

Use them within your beauty salons to organise your hairdresser scissors or to sort out your nail equipment.

Knife rack display image for crafts.

Craft/Interior Industries

Declutter your workspace by organising your craft tools and paint brushes.

Noticeboard Magnets

Add style and organisation to your office with our most essential office magnet.

Our extensive range of noticeboard magnets are available in different strengths, sizes, shapes colours and patterns meaning you can find the perfect design to not only help organise your workspace but personalise it to your own taste.

The noticeboard magnets can be used all over the office from on the break room fridge to the side of a filing cabinet, the different strengths available in our range also allows you to pin up a range of documents.

Be sure to shop our full range of noticeboard magnets and find the perfect fit for your office.

Flexible Magnets

Dry wipe magnets can turn any metal surface into a whiteboard in an instant.

Thanks to their easy application and rang of sizes our dry wipe magnets can be utilised around the office from labelling stock allocation to leaving notes around the office and really are the perfect solution.

Having several dry wipe magnets spread around the office allows staff members to keep areas organised through displaying notices or rules, these sheets may also be extremely helpful to help display your offices COVID 19 cautions and rules.

These sheets are not suitable for sticking ‘hard’ permanent magnets for this you would require to use our ferrous sheet and tapes.

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