Using magnets to safely return to work after lockdown

The roadmap to cautiously lift lockdown is underway and April 12th is a date in many people calendar as they can make a return to their normal working lives. Several restrictions will still be implemented to help keep all workers and customers safe.

Whether you are in the hairdressing, fitness, hospitality, or retail industry you will be required to make sure your facilities are safe and here at FIRST4MAGNETS we have a variety of products which can be used to make your workplace as COVID safe as possible.

Magnetic Signage

Hygiene measures and procedures are paramount to prevent the spread of germs and our range of magnetic signs are designed to ensure staff and customers alike are safe and aware of all measures being emplaced.

With a variety of signs available including social distancing, hand washing and preventing the spread of germs they are perfect for retail spaces, offices, and warehouses alike.

The magnetic signs can be easily fixed and even re-located in a matter of seconds without leaving ay damage behind compared to other methods of signage available. Our magnetic signage can also be customised to have your companies branding or logo then you can get in touch with out team to get further information.

Magnetic Hooks

At FIRST4MAGNETS we stock a range of different sizes and colours of hook magnets which can all be used differently in a variety of workplaces.

The professional and discreet finish on our hook magnets make them ideal for use in a workplace as well as making the magnets resistant to chipping or cracking following constant impact with a steel surface.

Our magnetic hooks provide an astonishing amount of camping force for their size, as even the smallest clamping hook available still provides 9.7kg of clamping force.

Magnetic Tape

MagFlex’s magnetic warning tape is the perfect solution for creating an instant warning. Available in either red & white or yellow & black and would be ideal for marking out social distancing in the workplaces.

The tape comes in a 5M roll but can be easily cut to any size and can be re-used helping to reduce your costs and waste as well as leaving no marks behind.

Magnetic tape is ideal for marking out zones and waiting areas on the floor of your workplace, additionally it can be used to mark out one-way systems around your workplace or store.

Flexible Sheets

Our range of magnetic sheets can be a great temporary solution to help keep your workplace as COVID safe as possible, alongside our standard signage these customisable sheets can help you make your warnings to customers completely relatable to your business.

The magnetic printable sheets by Tesla Amazing are perfect for creating posters which can be used for advertisements, warnings, or anything else, they can be printed using a laser jet printer allowing you to expand your creative possibilities.

Magnetic Sanitising Stations

The most effective way to prevent the spreading of germs and to keep your staff and customers safe is to regularly wash and sanitise your hands. That is why setting up sanitising stations around the workplace is key.

A tip of ours to make your sanitising stations as safe as possible is to stick a adhesive 50 x 10 x 2mm thick N42 Neodymium Magnet on the side of a hand sanitiser, after the adhesive has cured for approximately 24 hours, they can simply stuck around your workplace and at entrances and exits.

By having the bottle/dispenser stuck to the wall it removes the factor of customers and employee having to touch the sanitiser before sanitising their hands and can be perfectly partnered up with our magnetic signage.

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