Where Can You Find Free Teaching Resources About Magnets

Magnets are complicated, there’s no denying that, which is why the task of teaching children about magnets and magnetism is no easy feat, but there’s no need to panic we’re on hand to help with our huge range of magnet teaching resources.

From learning about what a magnet is to how a magnet works and exploring how magnets are used around the house we have a resource for all of these and so much more.

Be sure to take a look at our ‘Magnetism For Kids’ Pages presented by our very own Professor Gauss with separate pages for children aged 8-11, 11-14 and 14-16 each with two downloadable worksheets.

What Is a Magnet?

A magnet in its simplest form is a material that generates a magnetic field.

Teaching the basics of what a magnet is can be tough but with our free online resources, you can see a full breakdown of the definition and history of magnets.

Before exploring some of the most common uses of magnets and individual explanations of each type of permanent magnet.

Magnets In the House

Magnets are all over the house and can be found in a variety of objects and appliances.

Educate children in the most interesting and interactive way by using our interactive house to showcase the different uses of magnets around the home.

Fun Magnet Facts for Kids – Downloadable Fact Sheet

Make learning about magnets even more fun!

Magnets are used every day all over the world and there are so many facts and figures to know about magnets, so why not use our downloadable fact sheet to showcase all the wonderful facts about magnets and how they work.

Magnets & Magnetic Fields – A Beginners Guide

Magnets are used all over the world in almost all modern devices from computer hard drives to the latest environmentally friendly cars and transportation, so it’s key to be able to give children a basic introduction to magnets and magnetic fields.

Check out our introduction to magnets and magnetic fields and easily explain about poles, magnetic materials, attraction and repulsion. Additionally, explore the magnetic field lines of different shaped magnets.

How Magnets Are Made?

Teaching how magnets are made can be complex as each of the five permanent magnets has a different process but will each include a process of casting, pressing and sintering, compression bonding, injection moulding, extruding, or calendaring processes.

We’ve broken down and explained each stage in the process in our downloadable manufacturing process flow chart.

Click the image below to view the full flow chart.

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