3 Must-Have DIY Halloween Decorations For Your Home

The 31st of October is coming… which means it’s time to get your costumes ready, sweets in a bowl, and most importantly your decorations sorted. We’ve created some scarily simple DIY decorations for your home this Halloween!

Our DIY decorations are perfect for the scariest night of the year, every year, and leave behind no damage, helping turn your home into a haunted house.

Hanging Decoration with Magnets

Looking for a spook-tacular way to hang your decorations this Halloween?

Magnetic hooks are the ideal solutions to hang your decoration on the scariest night of the year and once November 1st comes around simply take them down, leaving behind no damage or residue.

Our range of ferrite hook magnets are easily interchangeable and provide a secure hold for suspending decorations. With a wide range of colors, sizes, and pull strengths no solution is out of reach.

Decorations being held up by a ferrite magnetic hook.
DIY Halloween Fridge Magnets

DIY Halloween Fridge Magnets

Make your fridge frightening this Halloween with DIY fridge magnets!

Add ghosts, goblins, or ghouls to your fridge this Halloween using our flexible magnetic sheets, with a range of colours and sizes available you can create any decoration you desire in just three simple steps.

Step One

Select the scary designs you want to add to your fridge, then either draw or print templates.

Step Two

Cut out your paper templates, ready to use on your magnetic sheets.

Step Three

Draw round or stick your template to the magnetic sheet and begin cutting. Finally, having created your custom fridge magnets place them on your fridge and give your family a fright!

Top Tip – Try using a magnet to hold your template in place on your magnetic sheet.

DIY Halloween Magnet Fishing Game

Entertain at any Halloween party this year with a spooky spin on hook-a-duck!

This creepily clever twist on a classic game will be sure to entertain your guests and give them a spook this Halloween and can be put together so simply.

Step One

Get any piece of paper/card and draw a spider web on it.

Step Two

Using a long thin object, such as pencils or chopsticks, tie a piece of string around the end to create a miniature fishing rod. Tie one ferrite ring magnet to the end of the string to finish your fishing rod.

Step Three

Use our downloadable sheet and print off as many spiders as you desire, before cutting them out as individual pieces.

Step Four

Begin sticking one self-adhesive disc to each spider, then place them on the paper web.

Step Five

Your game is ready to go… so you can start fishing!

DIY Spider Magnet Fishing game.
DIY Magnetic Spider Fishing Game.

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