4 Ways to Make Your Wall Interactive

Looking to turn your wall into an interactive surface… well we have four magnetic options to help you create an interactive surface in your home or office!

Our vast range of magnetic wall coverings and paint allow you to you create several different types of interactive surfaces around your home or workplace.

Flexible Sheets – Dry Wipe

Turn walls, desks, and furniture into an instant writing surface!

Dry-wipe A4 sheets provide a secure and versatile writing surface that can be used anywhere. The easy-clean dry-wipe finish allows the sheet to be used again and again.

Create the perfect writing aid for your home, office, or workplace.

Magnetic Sheets being used in a kitchen.

Whiteboard Paint

Imagine turning any surface into a whiteboard, our whiteboard paint allows you to turn any space into a writeable surface! Draw, write messages and simply erase them and start all over again.

Suitable for any smooth surface such as glass, ceramic tiles, wood, and more. The possibilities are endless for any office, classroom, home office, or even bedroom.

Choose from six different colours to suit any interior our whiteboard paint is available in both three and six-square-meter options.

Simply apply 2/3 of the mixture to the selected area, ensuring coverage is even and smooth, leave for two hours and apply the second coat.

Once fully applied, we advise leaving the wall five to seven days to completely dry for writing on.

whiteboard paint childrens bedroom
whiteboard paint business meeting room


FerroFlex® ferrous non-woven wallpaper sheets turn any walls into a magnetically attractive surface and are ideal to be used around the home or in a working environment.

Our FerroFlex® wallpaper sheets are applied just like any standard wallpaper, ensuring a heavy-duty paste is used, and can easily be removed and reapplied totally dry.

Achieve your desired finish with our range of FerroFlex® wallpaper sheets whether you’re looking to create a magnetically attractive whiteboard surface or a simpler matt white coloured surface, we have you covered.


Our MagFlex® sheets are magnetised on one side making them ideal for creating magnetic signs and displays, with your own printed design, as they can also be easily cut to size.

Each roll is magnetised with a striped north-south magnetic field giving it a secure grip. Even better each sheet can be rolled to 12.7mm diameter without cracking.

MagFlex® is supplied in lengths of one of five meters, but for bespoke requirements or larger quantities please don’t hesitate our sales team on 0845 519 4701 or via sales@magnetexpert.com

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