Top 8 Magnets to Improve Your Office

Offices have changed drastically over the last few years whether it’s been making an office Covid safe or creating your own office at home, but any office needs decoration, personalisation, and practicality.

Whether you looking to display pictures or documents, hang signs or notices, create an interactive labeling system or just organize your office there’s a magnet to help you.

Our range of office magnets can help you improve your working environment in several ways, there really is no better time to improve your workspace.

Budget Office Magnets

Small and discreet, these great value magnets are ideal for holding sheets of paper to a noticeboard or fridge, and with multiple colours available you can select the magnet which best suits your office.

These great value office magnets can hold three pieces of A4 paper each without obstructing the paper, making these the perfect office accessory.

Push Pin Magnets

Help bring a part of your office to life with our range of push pin magnets!

Each skittle magnet with its own super-strong neodymium magnet can hold reminders, photos, and documents with ease while adding a splash of colour to your office.

Available in small, medium, and large and a whole host of colours you are able to find the magnet style and size perfect for your office.

Map Pin Magnets

Our range of traditional map pins are versatile, brightly coloured, and very strong! These incredibly handy magnets are an essential accessory for any office and can hold up to 13 sheets of A4 paper each.

Traditional map pin magnets are available in light blue, yellow, green, orange and an assorted pack meaning you can colour coordinate with the other décor in your office.

Skittle Magnets

Light up your office with our delicious-looking fruity skittle magnets available in a range of striking colours! The super-strong neodymium magnet in each skittle magnet makes them an ideal accessory for any office.

Or take a look at the largest and strongest skittle magnet you will find in our range, ideal for displaying heavier documents – they won’t let you down! Available in a range of colours to best suit your office.

Find any colour, size, or strength of skittle magnet!

Skittle magnets.

Magnetic Hooks

Hang wires, keys, decorations, notices, and more with magnetic hooks, the versatile molded plastic hooks are so useful you’ll wonder what you used to do without them!

The strong neodymium magnet within each hook magnet makes them surprisingly strong for their size and can be used all over the office or even around your home, and when they aren’t being used, they can be easily removed without leaving any marks or holes.

If you’re looking for slightly more strength for your hook magnet then check out our clear plastic magnetic hooks with 2kg pull, ideal for hanging signs, notices, decorations, and more.

The small but strong magnets are almost invisible making them impossible to see when being used but better yet can easily be removed leaving behind no marks or damage.

Find the perfect hook for your office and browse our entire range of magnetic hooks.

Magnetic Pouches

Magnetic pouches provide a convenient solution to holding business cards, stationery and labels, and any office equipment with our small, medium, and large size pouches.

The magnetic pouches are the perfect accessory when organising a workspace and can hold several items which can easily be accessed through their clear front pouch.

Need even more storage? Then take a look at our A3 and A4 magnetic pouches ideal for storing notices and aiding visual management. The clear sleeve keeps designs protected whilst making them easily visible for the entire office.

Magnetic pouch office display.
Magneic pouch on the office wall.

MagFlex® Scrumboard Magnetic Sheets

Looking to make your office more environmentally friendly, then our reusable MagFlex® scrum board magnets with a dry-wipe surface reduce waste by eliminating the need for traditional disposable post-it notes and index cards.

These magnetic labels are perfect for creating removeable and changeable labels, making stock allocation, time management tasks, and file organisation straightforward and more environmentally friendly.

The labels are only magnetic on one side, giving a secure grip on steel surfaces, and are available in a range of colours and sizes but can also easily be cut to size.

MagFlex Magnetic Sheets

Our reusable MagFlex® magnetic sheets make your office more eco-friendly.

Reducing waste of more traditional office stationery these magnetic sheets with a dry-wipe surface are ideal to create labels, which are easily removable and changeable.

The sheets can easily be cut to any size you require but do already come in a whole host of sizes and colours to best suit your office. Being magnetic on only one side with a north-south striped magnetic field gives a secure grip on steel surfaces.

Help your office become greener and more magnetic today!

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